Do you think organizing a birthday party is an easy task? Well, that is what majority will think. There are lots of minor details that you may neglect which will cause your party to seem not well planned. That is why you will need our experienced entertainers to provide you with our professional knowledge in making your birthday party a fun filled event. Your guest will praise that your function is such an unforgettable moment for all.

Children Party Package

Instead of charging you high price due to expensive advertising, we cater and present to you with those Elite Costumes, Magic, Props and Professional sound system.

Roving Magic

Have you experience coins appearing in your closed fist not once but twice? Or solid steel nail bends in between the palm of your hands?

Stage Magic/ Illusion

If you believed illusions are done by using mirrors, background or big hiding place where human can hide in like “Breaking Magician’s code”, has revealed, then think again!

Why our entertainment impress children & even adults?


Our magician do not just buy & perform a few magic tricks off the shelves right after reading the instruction (It is like watching a movie & you know how the story is going to end). Our magician started learning magic since 1980 at a very young age. We have carefully observe and research on children psychology, attention span, likes and behaviour before we specifically engineered our unique style of performance that is love by children (we have parents telling us it is their child that wanted to engage us again for their party after watching us in action) and NOT a performance where the magician does what he think is stylish but the children is in the world of their own.


What the Parents say